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Entering thrivorship after cancer. Where skills and community collide to help us live our best life.

Being alive is more than being cured.

You already know the experience of cancer is disorientating.  We are changed in many ways but we step back into an unchanged environment. Expected to get back to normal. Get back to life.

But, nothing is normal. 

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer changes us.  Changed our whole body – the physical, mental, and emotional. Dealing with both the short- and long-term side effects can be lonely and confusing. The path forward through the numerous changes is unclear.  

After my treatment was over, I put on my brave face and toothy smile, celebrated beating cancer with those that have loved me into being, and was grateful for every blessed moment.  But inside, I felt disconnected, even broken and completely out of control of my body. It was a lot to take on, my silent suffering. 

Unfortunately I stayed in that dark lonely place for many years. Carved by Cancer exists so that you do not have to. 

So, how do you move forward? How do you live again and step into thrivorship. Yes, this may be a new word  to you. I made it up to describe living our best life after cancer. It is all encompassing including those that continue to live with cancer, those who chose surgery and treatment to avoid cancer and those who were treated and are walking with NED (no evidence of disease). We can learn to thrive after cancer and grow into becoming the best version of us that we can be.


Put yourself back in the driver’s seat. 

It turns out that regaining control of our lives, finding direction, and tuning in to how we have changed requires a few new tools and some gentle guidance. Carved by Cancer addresses these needs by offering different portals of growth amid a community that supports our growing.  We also have the courageous goal of gathering information to effect new care solutions in a healthcare system that needs to learn that the healing journey continues after treatment. We want to pave the road for those that come behind us.

When I was looking for my own answers, I found the proven, well-studied, frameworks of Positive Psychology, Post Traumatic Growth, Narrative Coaching and Sexual Healing to be instrumental in my whole healing journey. These structures systematically address the intersection of our physical, mental and emotional needs after treatment. Making it possible to address and deal with the changes we have experienced. I’ve combined them and my coaching practice to create this member support/community network. 

It is your time to step into thrivorship.  You are meant to thrive in this life.

Carved by Cancer is the key in the ignition. Will you turn it?

The Core Membership is a guided weekly program using evidence based practices from the fields of positive psychology, post traumatic growth, narrative therapy and sexual healing. We focus on topics such as:

  • 💬 Disconnection from and changes to our bodies.
  • 🔎 Understanding or redefining ourselves.
  • 🏆 Creating your legacy.
  • ❤️ Sex after cancer.
  • ☠️ Overcoming fear.


More about Kathy Washburn

I am a cancer thirvivor, coach, and speaker who works with people navigating life’s most challenging transitions. I am a certified coach, recognized speaker, former executive, and founder of Carved by Cancer.

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More about Carved by Cancer

Carved By Cancer helps those who have experienced cancer to make positive sustainable change through proven tools and expert guidance. We offer a community based learning system, online courses, and one-on-one coaching to help you on your journey to become the best version of you. Each is thoughtfully designed to help you regain control over your body, your mind, and your life.

We welcome you.